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Homeopathy – The world & the internet are full of self-learnt Homeopaths!

Feb 20, 2024


Homeopathy – The world & the internet are full of self-learnt Homeopaths!

Homeopathy needs major reforms. And we at HomeoWealth are striving our bit towards that end!

Homeopathy = No side-effects PERIOD

Homeopathy does not cause any side-effects at all. I know everyone out there has been screaming ad nauseam this fact. But one thing most people and probably even the self-professed, self-proclaimed Homeopaths do not know. Is that the side-effects in Homeopathy, if any are dynamic (not visible to the naked eye).

And these side-effects might arise due to faulty prescription, insufficient knowledge, and several other unimaginable reasons. The government of India or any other government that permits a degree in Homeopathic system of medicine or any other system of medicine has not created this healthcare system casually. On the contrary, sufficient care is taken. That students of all systems of medicine study the same medical text-books.

Homeopaths = Allopaths

Homeopaths are not taught Allopathic pharmacology. But they are taught all the other medical subjects. And besides this, there is clinical training. And a one year compulsory internship. If Homeopathic prescribing would have been so easy. That someone could prescribe just by looking at few books. Or in today’s modern world using Homeopathic software, then anyone can become a Homeopath!

Unfortunately, this is a fact at least in India. Agreed, medicine just like anything else should be affordable and reliable. But when only 10% of India’s population uses Homeopathy, then Homeopaths especially the ones who practice its correct form (Classical Homeopaths) are forced to charge more. But just like anything else, people prefer the cheap and best version including Medicine too.

Any medical problem – Rush to a pharmacy

That is the reason, people as a first resort visit pharmacies (both Allopathic or Homeopathic or for that matter any other system of medicine). Here the pharmacists are the first source of treatment for many patients. Please read my article on the types of practice ( to understand the situation in Homeopathy. Avoid self-medication at all costs. Always seek help from qualified medical personnel.

Raj of the quacks and RMPs

Quacks rule the roost in several places in India. Also, registered medical practitioners (RMPs) who are are qualified only to provide first-aid. They cannot even add Dr in front of their names. These people have incomplete or no knowledge at all about clinical medicine. True, they would have become adept at giving injections, performing small surgical procedures, etc. And some attempt even bigger things. Endangering the lives of innocent patients! Another dangerous thing prevalent in today’s world is the use of internet. And various forums/groups on different social media networks.

Welcome to era of ‘social media’ prescriptions!

The situation is such that patients who would have tried everything else offline. Before posting their medical queries here. And sadly enough, even qualified doctors especially Homeopaths offer their knee-jerk/quick-fire prescriptions. Without giving a thought that Homeopathic prescription of all the prescriptions among different systems of medicine is the most difficult!

A humble panacea in Homeopathy from us

So, for all those folks inhabiting groups on Facebook, Reddit, and what not, we are offering our Homeopathic consultation services. Please get in touch at 091-7989560370 and obtain an initial consultation at INR 199/- for acute diseases and INR 399/- for chronic diseases. After this consultation, you will get to know the treatment procedure and the later course of action.

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