What We Do ?

Since Homeopathy is my primary profession, I have decided to open this website to offer my services to patients throughout the world. This is a humble attempt at creating a website to make the consulting process easier for patients. I have always believed that ‘the physician only treats; it is the ALMIGHTY who cures’!

The Homeopathic market in India (as of Mid-2015) is currently estimated at nearly INR 3,000 crores out of which the corporate sector’s share is about 10 % which translates to roughly INR 300 crores. The balance is totally in the unorganized sector. It has become fashionable to claim Homeopathic Medicine has a cure for everything. This is partially true because in Homeopathy, utmost importance is given to the symptoms, especially the totality of symptoms. Disease diagnosis is certainly important but only to the extent that it should help in accurate Homeopathic remedial diagnosis. Let us never forget Dr. Stuart Close’s rules stating where Homeopathic Medicine works and where it doesn’t (‘The Genius of Homeopathy: Lectures and Essays on Homeopathic Philosophy’ by Dr Stuart M. Close) –
“Following the exclusion method adopted by Dake, in his “Therapeutic Methods,” and using a modification of his phrasing, the sphere of Similia may be defined as follows:
1. Homœopathy relates primarily to no affection of health where the exciting cause of disease is constantly present and operative.
2. It relates primarily to no affections of health which will, of themselves, cease after the removal of the exciting cause by physical, chemical or hygienic measures.
3. It relates primarily to no affections of health occasioned by the injury of destruction of tissues which are incapable of restoration.
4. It relates primarily to no affections of health where the vital reactive power of the organism to medicines is exhausted, obstructed or prevented.
5. It relates to no affection of health, the symptomatic likeness of which may not be perceptibly produced in the healthy organism by medical means, nor to affections in which such symptoms are not perceptible.
The class not excluded, the one in which homœopathy is universal and paramount to all other methods, must be made up of affections of the living organism in which perceptible symptoms exist, similar to those producible by pathogenic means, in organisms hazing the integrity of tissue and reactive power necessary to recovery, the exciting causes of the affections and obstacles to cure having been removed, or having ceased to be operative.
The sphere of Similia in medicine is thus limited to those morbid functional conditions and processes which result primarily from the dynamic action upon the living organism of morbific agents inimical to life.
The living organism may be acted upon or affected primarily in three ways:
(1) Mechanically.
(2) Chemically.
(3) Dynamically.
The causes of disease fall naturally under these three heads.”