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Terms & Conditions

All the medical advices rendered by us through any mode are subject to our disclaimer given below. The online medical consultancy will not supply any medicines. These can be bought from suppliers in several countries. We are not responsible for non-availability of any medicines prescribed by us. Links to buy medicines online, if possible will be provided on the website. Medicines can be supplied if requested only in exceptional cases (for example, absolutely no access to medicines, etc.) provided the costs of the medicines and the supply and other incidental costs are paid upfront by the patient. Any payments once made are non-refundable. Though every attempt will be made to respond at the earliest, our responses to any e-mails, phone calls, etc. or follow-up periods or delays in response or replies are reserved at our convenience. We are not responsible for any delays in the process of case or response to e-mail or phone calls.


It has to be clearly understood that online consultation is not a substitute to live consultation with us (which includes physical examination of the patient). Therefore, the medical advice rendered here should not be treated as perfect and complete. Hence we do not claim any guarantee for the cure of diseases. The purpose of utilizing our website’s services can at best be described as providing the necessary homeopathic information required for treatment of symptoms rendered by the patients which is assumed to be complete.

We (the website and the accompanying physician/s) are not responsible for any worsening of the diseased condition/s during or after the consultation period. If symptoms persist or worsen, it is best to consult a General Physician (GP) or visit a hospital, or as deemed fit by the patient and his/her relatives. Homeopathic Medicine has its limitations (kindly refer the ‘What we do’ section in our website and the patients are referred to other detailed Homeopathic Medical Texts) but it works best especially in Chronic Cases (cases with a long-standing history). and its consultants are not responsible for any medico-legal litigation and not liable for any medical, legal, judicial, insurance or any other litigation relating to any state or country. Similarly, and its consultants are not liable for any legal status of Homeopathy of any state or country. All the material and information provided on is for the awareness of the patients only and no responsibility is undertaken thereon by us. Before consulting us for any disease condition/s, it is mandatory to read this disclaimer and terms and conditions. Once consultation is done in any form (phone, e-mail, etc.) through this website, it is deemed and understood that the consulting patient/person has accepted the disclaimer and the accompanying terms and conditions.